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Garett Goldberg

Garett Goldberg

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Office:212-729-5712, Ext. 287

About Garett


Garett Goldberg started his career as a bond broker and trader on Wall Street. Nevertheless, his transition to the housing industry was inevitable. As a youngster, Garett's family business in Brooklyn taught him the ins and outs of property development and management. As an adult, he teamed up with his mother on a real estate venture in the Hamptons, where they bought and managed homes to lease or sell throughout the summer. This unique experience, combining finance and housing, makes Garett a valuable advisor to anyone looking for success in real estate.

A native New Yorker, hailing from the Upper East Side, Garett is now a full-time resident of Edgemont in Westchester. He attended Tulane University in New Orleans and completed his graduate studies at NYU's Stern School of Business, where he specialized in finance and management. Prior to joining Elegran, Garett managed TP ICAP's High Yield Department. Before that, he worked for Murphy & Durieu and McFadden, Farrell, and Smith, where he handled multi-million dollar deals and securities between trading desks at all major banks.

A people person by nature, Garett's clients appreciate his patience, empathy, and approachability. Not to mention that he's well-versed in the intricacies of real estate transactions, from myriad types of properties and financing options to sale negotiations and contract language. In addition to making the entire process run smoothly, Garett has expertise in all New York City neighborhoods and seizes the opportunity to match his clients with the perfect home in the perfect location.

In his spare time, Garett likes to kick back with his kids. He's also a foodie at heart, so sampling new flavors at restaurants in NYC or Westchester is an absolute must. He's equally passionate about spending time at the beach and outdoor recreation, such as skiing, swimming, paddle boarding, and hiking with his dog Layla. For the rest of his time, Garett likes to explore new housing projects and other real estate opportunities in the City as well as the Hamptons.